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Former wild horses trained by prisoners for Border Patrol

“…one of those win-wins, the horses are getting good homes, and you are giving the inmates something to do,”

Straight from the Horse's Heart

While Randy Helm, who is with the Arizona Dept. of Corrections, thinks that having hardened criminals in prison train formerly wild horses is “…one of those win-wins, the horses are getting good homes, and you are giving the inmates something to do,” this is not a win-win for the wild horses.  These wild horses were taken from their family bands and taken off of their (supposedly) federally protected Herd Management Areas.  About the only “win” is that wild horses weren’t sent to slaughter, but how many have been?  This is lipstick on a pig.  The BLM needs to be held with its feet to the fire for its false population estimates.  –  Debbie


Program has inmates training horses destined for the Border Patrol

by Troy Hayden

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FLORENCE, Ariz. –  They are a symbol of the American West; wild horses, mustangs…

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Recipe – Vegan Pizza

Ummm. A true love feast!

Don't Switch Off The Light

Vegan pizza
I love making pizza. I have an awesome pizza sauce to share.
This pizza sauce prevents the base from drying out and also keeps a small amount of
moisture in every slice.
So this base consists of refried Mexican beans, Jalapeño, dried oregano and
sun dried tomatoes.
Vegan pizza
I also made my own base with wholemeal flour this time, but you can buy the pizza base if
you don’t want to make the base yourself.
Note: whilst the pizza base is rising you can start in parallel working on the pizza
base sauce and topping. You have plenty of time 1.5h.
Also after you have rolled out your pizza bases on your oven tray preheat your oven to 200C/392F
Ingredients – Pizza Base
500g Wholemeal Flour
360ml warm water
1/2 tsp salt
3 tsp dried yeast
Ingredients – Pizza base Sauce
400g Mexican refried beans
10 sundried tomatoes
1/3 C dried…

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Will You?

Historically our strength has been in numbers.
Today the voices that foster change are fewer than ever.
As power gravitates around the few, will you be a voice for protection?

Howling For Justice

This post is dedicated to all wolves who’ve suffered and continue to suffer brutal, senseless deaths in the name of blood sport and agribusiness.

The brutal war against America’s wolves wages on?

Will you be silent?

Will you fight for them?

Will you allow this to continue?

Will you organize in your hometown?

Will you hold a protest?

Will you work to end public land grazing?

Will you write letters to the editor?

Will you write to the Infamous 81 US Senators  who voted to delist wolves in the Northern Rockies via budget rider?

Will you tell those Senators you WILL NOT VOTE FOR THEM on November 6 because of their betrayal? 

Will you boycott all wolf states that hold trophy hunts or kill wolves for agribusiness?

Will you boycott Yellowstone National Park to send Wyoming a message?

Will you spread this message to everyone you know?

Will you be a…

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A few pieces for the new wild horse “troops”

Confusion abounds over the issue of our vanishing Wild Horses. Here is a helpful post for new advocates.

WHE Blog

Wild Horses in Nevada Wild Horses in Nevada

This post is designed for the “newer” voices to the wild horse and burro advocate “front.”

Issues arise quickly in this movement and conversations can often leave someone new to the issue scratching their heads and feeling “uninformed.” Simply following what an AML (appropriate management level) based on grazing AUM’s (animal unit month, the unit of measurement in the equation of forage allocations) is like listening to a foreign language.

The video below is a basic piece (not fancy and in rough edit) designed to explain the laws and “design” for the current management of wild horses and burros by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on federal (public) land. Below the video are draft chapters in an informational booklet in progress by Wild Horse Education.

Welcome to a cause worth fighting for… and one we CAN change.

Hold Your Wild Horses! how did it get…

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