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Animals in anarchy

Property is Theft!

It is my experience that an awful lot of anarchists have cats. I, with two cats as well as a dog, am one of them. It is also my experience that a considerable amount of anarchists are vegetarians or vegans. I am not one of them.

In the short term, this is of no consequence. The main anarchist centre in Liverpool is a vegan space, but I never feel excluded from there. The place has a lively, welcoming atmosphere, and many people who are not vegans go there without feeling excluded. After all, if I want to eat something which contains meat, I can quite easily go somewhere else.

But what of the longer term?

There seems to be little crossover between “veganarchism” and class-struggle anarchist communism. For the working class, daily contending with the realities of life under capitalism, animal liberation can appear the pursuit of…

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