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How Much Does It Cost To Own A Congressman?

Armory of the Revolution

Under current law, Big Agriculture, Big Oil, Wall Street, Big Banks, etc, are able to bribe Congressmen and Senators. Corporate political contributions and gifts to public officials make a mockery of democratic government. And on top of that, the Supreme Court has opened the floodgates for billionaires and multi-millionaires to buy their own Congressmen and Senators.

Our government supports the killing industries with subsidies, price supports, and the use of public lands. The government is owned by Big Ag, for all practical purposes. Nominal rental fees for grazing, wild horse roundups and slaughter, tax payers’ money to prop up prices for milk, subsidies to farmers and ranchers, etc, are all because Big Ag bribes Congress.

Big Oil bribes the government for subsidies, offshore oil leases, pipeline approvals, legislation to defeat green energy, drilling on public lands, opposition to climate change regulation, etc.

Big Pharmacy lobbying and bribery was rewarded Big…

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