Straight from the Horse's Heart

By Matt Blake of MailOnline

The ‘inappropriate’ quip triggered a flurry of angry responses from followers

When it emerged Tesco had been selling beef burgers contaminated with horse meat, the last people you would expect to see the funny side were its customer care team.

But the supermarket giant has found itself at the centre of an internet storm after a tweet posted on its Twitter feed informed shoppers yesterday that its staff were off to ‘hit the hay’.

The ill-judged quip triggered a bombardment of angry responses from followers who didn’t find the damaging revelations quite so amusing.

Supermarket bosses were quick to backtrack, desperately apologising to offended clients, saying that the tweet had been ‘scheduled’ before the scandal broke – two days earlier.

But that only stoked the anger further, triggering questions as to why the tweet was not pulled before being sent.

Bad taste? The controversy began at 11pm last night when the supermarket chain's customer care team tweeted thisBad taste? The controversy…

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