PLease Help Me Save Pepper!

Pepper has been a faithful and loving spirit in my life thru 12 very eventful years. She has made room in our home and her heart for many. She has helped raise orphan kittens, assuming the role of mommy by cleaning warming and encouraging these fragile live with purrs and warmth. As we settled into the farm, she shared my time with many rescues of all species, and accepted my tired worried self at the end of the day with comforting kisses and purr songs to send me to sleep.

Because of my support of the voiceless angels put in my path I am not able to raise all of the money needed to save her life.

She needs a special surgery to remove a growth in her sinus cavity that is rapidly deteriorating her health.

I am praying that all the Love she has given will be returned to her in the form of donations to save her life.

PLEASE! If you can only send a few dollars and someone else send a few, it will add up and help us make her surgery possible…I believe in the power of the many and so does Pepper Cat!DSCF1807


About angelfarmthunder

Angel Farm is an equal opportunity rescue. By this I mean we rehab and maintain critters of every sort! This is accomplished by drawing on many years of experience and the advice and aid of veterinarians, zoologists, and other lovers of life. This blog has been created to address the serious problems we face on a world wide level involving the abuse, exploitation, and wholesale slaughter of our fellow creatures. While I diligently attempt to represent factual information, issues are often cloudy and I welcome comments and corrections that benefit us all. Read, enjoy ,and share and remember...BE KIND TO ALL AND GENTLE WITH YOURSELF

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  1. You should start up a fundraising page: and make sure you post regularly on Pepper & her recovery/ the goal amount you need, so people know where the money is going (don’t want to offend or sound rude, but unless people actually know you, they don’t know that their money will definitely be helping your cat until she’s had her operation).

    Hope that helps and I wish all the best for Pepper! Let us know if you set up a fundraising page/ other things for fundraising

    • Thank you for your suggestions 🙂 Although I have participated in many chip-ins, this is the first time I have been in the real need of one. I am working on Indigo now. I will also try the link you suggested.
      I have raised 180.00 on my chip in and managed to crape up 200.00 of my own…(amazing the things you can do without!).
      Pepper has had her bloodwork done and needed some Vitamin k to bring her up to snuff. This was debated by three vets and to err on the side of safety I proceeded to give her three shots every two days. We are now waiting on scheduling and not looking forward to the long ride to the specialist. I was disappointed to find no one who could do this procedure closer to home as Pep doe not travel well…Waiting and trying to keep her strength and weight up. I am stressing over bills (I am reserving any money for surgery at the moment) and watching her grow weaker is taking its toll. Please keep us in your prayer and thoughts and thanks for your kind reply ❤ P.S progress reports on her chip in. Tried your link…not sure if it is only for U.K. citizens…researching…I am not a not for profit charity. Just regular person caring for many needy creatures 🙂

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