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The Horse | Responsible Horse Breeders Council Formed |

The Horse | Responsible Horse Breeders Council Formed |

The BLM estimates that 46 to 64 eagles could be killed annually by the turbines!

images-1To win final approval from the BLM, the wind company must show that the specific turbine sites will not adversely impact wildlife. It has even hired its own biologists…OH GEEZ! Here we go again!

Straight from the Horse's Heart

By Mark Jaffe
The Denver Post

 Wyoming Wind Farm May Explain BLM’s Assault on Wild Horse Herds

Phil Anschutz — who has made money out of everything from a well explosion to a failing railroad — is looking to wager $9 billion on the fierce winds of Wyoming.

Wind Farm PlansAnschutz’s Power Company of Wyoming is seeking to build the nation’s largest wind farm and then ship the power to California over a 725-mile transmission line, the longest to be built in decades.

California is the West’s biggest renewable-energy market and a vital one for the project. The problem is that officials there say they don’t want Anschutz’s electricity.

Gov. Jerry Brown has voiced a strong preference for in-state renewable-energy projects, and California utility executives say they can meet renewable- energy requirements with projects close to home.

“A couple of years ago it looked to us that the future was going to…

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Do You Want This To Resume ANYWHERE?

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Information and Report Supplied by Animals’ Angels

Violations documented at the Cavel Horse Slaughter Plant in Illinois

Warning: Graphic content that might be disturbing to some viewers

Files are too large for browser viewing, please download and save to your computer to view

Cavel Transport Violations Part 1

Cavel Transport Violations Part 2

Cavel Transport Violations Part 3

Cavel Transport Violations Part 4

Cavel Humane Slaughter Act Violations

Cavel Photos (Selection)

Response to Animals’ Angels FOIA request

In a windfall of information, Animals’ Angels recently received over a thousand pages of documentation confirming violations and horrific treatment of horses transported to the Cavel slaughter plant in DeKalb, IL. Almost 1,100 photographs were provided along with written documentation describing the extent of the violations, injuries, and penalties. This information was provided to us after we submitted a Freedom of Information Act request on July 28, 2012 to the USDA.

Documented in…

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

By Matt Blake of MailOnline

The ‘inappropriate’ quip triggered a flurry of angry responses from followers

When it emerged Tesco had been selling beef burgers contaminated with horse meat, the last people you would expect to see the funny side were its customer care team.

But the supermarket giant has found itself at the centre of an internet storm after a tweet posted on its Twitter feed informed shoppers yesterday that its staff were off to ‘hit the hay’.

The ill-judged quip triggered a bombardment of angry responses from followers who didn’t find the damaging revelations quite so amusing.

Supermarket bosses were quick to backtrack, desperately apologising to offended clients, saying that the tweet had been ‘scheduled’ before the scandal broke – two days earlier.

But that only stoked the anger further, triggering questions as to why the tweet was not pulled before being sent.

Bad taste? The controversy began at 11pm last night when the supermarket chain's customer care team tweeted thisBad taste? The controversy…

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This man replacement deserves our attention and effort! Great good for our Wild Ones could start here!

Straight from the Horse's Heart

By Allison Sherry
The Denver Post

Cattle Barron and Enemy to Wild Horses, Burros and Free Press to Resign

WASHINGTON — Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will step down from his cabinet position in the Obama administration and return to Colorado to spend time with his family, his office has confirmed to The Denver Post.

Ken "Cattle Puppet" SalazarSalazar is expected to broadly announce his departure Wednesday. He has told President Barack Obama that he intends to leave his job by the end of March.

Salazar, 57, will have served a little more than four years in Obama’s cabinet after being plucked from his beloved U.S. Senate seat serving Colorado in 2008.

His decision on whether to stay on at the helm of Interior or return to Colorado — and likely the less-glamorous but more-lucrative private sector — has been weighing on Salazar for a long time.

The president and the vice president have indicated they…

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WHE Blog

This was posted on Laura Leigh’s blog “Art and Horses” today.

Jackson Mountain stallion watches his mares after arrival at PVC. They will be separated here, he will go to the stud pens and they with the mares.
Jackson Mountain stallion watches his mares after arrival at PVC. They will be separated here, he will go to the stud pens and they with the mares.

from the desk of Laura Leigh, President of Wild Horse Education (follow ongoing work at wild horse education website)

It is very hard to describe the personal experience of the current state of the issues that Wild Horse Education is addressing for our herds.

On one hand this has been an extraordinary physical marathon of range work, in all kinds of weather, under all kinds of physical extremes. Dust, mud, blistering heat and frigid temperatures take a toll on equipment and ones physical body. Files are massive and the quantity of documentation fills drive after drive and causes laptops to choke. The vehicle makes new sounds every time it is shaken, bounced…

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The cost of keeping horse slaughter going in Canada

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

Paint in holding pen LPNHave you ever wondered how much it costs the Federal government to keep the horse slaughter industry operational in Canada?

Thanks to the efforts of MP Alex Atamanenko, we now have the answer.  Inspections enabling the slaughter of our horses to continue are costing over one million dollars annually.

As a taxpayer, whether you want to or not, you are helping to fund this industry.

Please read the question and the government’s response here.  The horses need constituents and taxpayers to lobby on their behalf.  Don’t delay – contact your Member of Parliament now and ask them to support Bill C-322!

Explain that funding horse slaughter is not an acceptable use of your  tax dollars and you want this industry to end.

For the horses.

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Trot On! New Years Resolutions for Horse Advocates


horse and fireworksWritten by:  Heather Clemenceau

I’m assuming that you,  dear reader,  have already made your New Year’s Resolutions.  Did you know that the average person breaks them after about one month? Yeah, all new year’s resolutions have the specter of failure hanging over them.  Maybe I’m too late and you’ve already broken them?  Hopefully not,  but if you’re like me,  the only thing broken is perhaps your wallet……..However, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth making resolutions in the first place because apparently people who make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than the people who don’t.

Of course,  resolutions to ride more outside, take up a new discipline, make horse-keeping safer, or to advocate for horses  are resolutions that may be easier to keep throughout the year than the traditional ones to lose weight.

Steven Covey once said “Begin with the end in mind.”  Of course,  we’re…

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Wild Horse Advocates Dig Into Pockets to Save Horses from Slaughter

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Story by Cy Ryan of the Las Vegas Sun

Nevada Governor’s Inaction Could Spell Death for Captured Wild Horses

CARSON CITY — More than $20,000 has been raised to protect 41 wild horses being put on the auction block by the Nevada Department of Agriculture.

Wild horse advocates say the mustangs are purchased, sent to Canada and Mexico for slaughter and the meat shipped around the world.

The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign said Wednesday it received the donations to buy the mustangs and care for them until they are adopted.

Deniz Bolbol, communications director for the preservation campaign based in San Francisco, said there were thousands of donations from the U.S., South Africa, Europe and Canada.

The horses were rounded up from state lands in the Reno-Carson City area, where they sometimes wandered onto highways, causing accidents, officials said.

Bolbol said a check was forwarded to the Hidden Valley…

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

Information supplied by Protect

Public outrage gets creative
BLM ChristmasSAN FRANCISCO (December 20, 2012)–Citizens around the word are outraged at the BLM’s cruelty towards America’s native wild horses. The alleged federally protected mustangs are being rounded up and removed by the thousands only to be stockpiled in the Midwest at taxpayer expense. Some end up in the slaughter pipeline. During the current Owyhee roundup wild horse advocates documented mustangs being chased by a helicopter through barbed wire fencing. Protect Mustangs wants the roundups to stop and for the government to use the wild herds in Holistic Land Management instead to reverse desertification on public land.
Artist Michelle Guillot says she was inspired by the horrific scenes of wild horses being driven through barbed wire at the Owyhee Roundup in Nevada this month.
“I was so appalled that I had to do something!” states Guillot. “How can the…

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