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Thank you to these loving souls who are coming to the defense of the Wild Ones! Do you have a few friends who would come to the aid of the voiceless at your local Mall, Municipal Building, or Capitol Building?

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Written by Michael Wolfe of  Reno’s 2 News

“…there’s other alternatives…another solution to this problem”

ProtestersA group gathered in south Reno to protest the removal of wild horses.

The small group of wild horse advocates camped out along Veterans Parkway in south Reno Wednesday morning. Several police officers were also on hand to ensure it was peaceful.

The protesters say once the horses are gathered, they could be sold at auction and possibly slaughtered by the buyer.

They say they understand the safety concerns of property owners, but also say they want a better solution.

“I can feel for these homeowners. I really do, but there’s other alternatives and that’s all I want, another solution to this problem,” says Frederick Rodriguez.

We also talked with the property owner.

They tell us the horses can be dangerous if they get too close to cars or homes – and they are simply following the…

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Please be active in your denouncement of the tragedy of the Nevada Wild horses….Call ,write and share the information with others!

Straight from the Horse's Heart

By R.T. Fitch ~ volunteer president/co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Nevada to be Branded “Animal Cruelty State” in Court of US Public Opinion

“Yesterday we ran a brief storywith photos of a 3 week old foal being abused at a Nevada Department of Agriculture bait trap on private property.  As the day progressed Reno area advocates began to write and comment on what they had witnessed and we corrected a few errors in the story but the point and the problem never shifted or dimmed.  The concern and anger generated by the photos fueled the biggest number of hits this blog has ever seen in a single day; thousands and thousands of concerned Americans logged in.  Frustration is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

This, folks, is beyond serious.  We at Wild Horse Freedom Federation are currently working a behind the scenes legal project…

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Thank you to the big hearts involved with this amazing rescue 🙂

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

CTV Atlantic
Published Thursday, Dec 6, 2012 6:15PM AST

BeccaIn July 2010 the SPCA seized 38 starving and injured horses in New Brunswick.  Most of the animals were emaciated, with open sores and eye damage.

Now, one of the worst cases is almost fully recovered, thanks to patient new owners and an animal rescue facility in Nova Scotia’s Pictou County.

Volunteers helped to look after the horses and one of them, Janice MacLaughlin, decided to adopt one of the horses named Becca.

“When I looked in the horse trailer, when they came, she was the first horse I looked at and her eye was collapsed in, with green pus running down her face.  She was a rack of bones, barely able to stand up,” says MacLaughlin.

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Angel Appreciation For All of You!

Animals' Angels Blog

(Below an interview w/ founder Sonja Meadows)

When Animals’ Angels began it was with the hope that change could be brought about and that the animals forced into the slaughter pipeline would be spotlighted. That the animals who suffered needlessly would have their stories told and that above all … somehow more people would get involved and care enough to sign petitions, phone their representatives and demand for this ugliness to stop.

It’s been rotations of harsh winters, scorching summers, dangerous weather, and long vigils sitting and waiting for hours on end, in order to document the harshest and cruelest deeds against these animals. Animals’ Angels has courageously been there with the animals. It is most difficult to read their reports and even harder to watch the damning videos. I wonder … how much more difficult is it to purposely watch yet not be able to save these innocent victims…

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Can it be the focus is being intensified on the decimation of selected herds and HMAs?

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Release Date: 12/07/12
Contacts: Tom Gorey, 202-912-7420

Several Herds Get a Stay of Capture Others Will Lose Their Freedom

The Bureau of Land Management today announced updates to its tentative fall-winter schedule for gathering wild horses and burros from overpopulated herds on drought-stricken Western public rangelands. Changes from the previous gather schedule reflect a re-prioritizing of gathers based on drought and, in some cases, animal conditions that have been affected by diminishing forage and water across the West. The gathers and removals are needed to bring herd sizes into balance with other rangeland resources and uses, as required by Federal law.

The BLM is also nearing full capacity at its short-term holding corrals and long-term holding pastures, thus constraining the agency’s ability to remove as many of the animals necessary to reach appropriate management levels in Herd Management Areas. Because of these holding limits, the BLM continues to encourage the public to consider…

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Light a candle and send your heart to God in a prayer for the renewal of compassion and love in the hearts of mankind.

Animals' Angels Blog

I can hear the earth beneath my boots crunching the gravel, rocks and soil with every footstep I take. I feel the brisk December wind blowing across the land, pushing me along as I carry tokens of love in my canvas bag. I can hear the slight clanking of glass as it bumps against my leg. I switch the bag to my left hand and continue to walk up the hill towards a big oak tree. My companions and I have been hard at work assembling the thousands of candles to be lit tomorrow night. Their footsteps blend in accord with my own as we climb the hill with determination and purpose. These candles will be lovingly placed along the route our poor horses, mules and burros travel on their way to a misery we can only imagine. It is with solemn reverence that we place each donor’s candle and recall…

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