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Knowledge is power…Action is power in motion.

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Certainly many of us over the years have wondered about the BLM and its illegal activity, and how they get away with such outright deceptive circumstances.  The only investigation, that this Journalist knows of, generated over 1,000 felony arrest warrants, and several hundred misdemeanors, as well as ethics violations and Supervisors letting staff know they were under investigation by undercover operatives.  Ironically, the investigation called off the night before the warrants for arrests filed.  Many of these folks still work at the BLM.

So with this in mind, and so much data and accounting available to the public over the Internet of today, it was  time to interview someone who could actually read and understand these budgets.  I chose a retired Accountant who had completed my books over the past couple of decades.


Journalist:  “Sid, you’re a CPA?”

Sidney Harper:  “For 34 years — now retired.  You never went…

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Seriously important reading for the Wild Horse Advocate. Hopefully this will enable you to evolve into being a Wild Horse Activist!

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As Advocates we have no money, and with everyone being a volunteer.  This means there is no central focus, there exists no responsible party to answer to, and there is no chain of command.  There are disputes, and those who start the dispute or are in the middle of such should simply step aside and let those who are working continue, and basically shut the hell up!  In this Journalists mind this situation is perfect to combat a Government that is organized, but totally disorganized, shallow, and drone like.

Here is a short-agenda to approach the BLM / DOI Drones.  To start make them prove their EA’s; Demand Accurate Horse Head Counts and prove within the context of the EA; Demand and have them show “Provable Science” and “Valid Data Range Research” within the EA that shows beyond a doubt the harm done to the exact Range area discussed, supposedly…

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The Mustangs do not need our public sponsored Disney land! This “feel good” tactic is not so palatable when you consider these are to be geldings with no potential to ensure the continuation of the Mustang. Save your amusement rides…LET THE MUSTANG LIVE WILD AND FREE ON HIS OWN TERMS!

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Published by the Elko Daily Free Press

“These horses are going to kill that country…”

“This is a case where dumb meets dumber.  Maddy Pickens trying to build a petting zoo for castrated BLM geldings calling them wild horses and in so doing condemns the true wild horses on 3 HMAs while the local rubes don’t know the difference between a horse and a jack rabbit (most consider the six grade to be their Senior Year, and it shows).  Personally, I believe that they deserve each other.  It’s disgusting!!!” ~ R.T.

ELKO — From the onset, certain locals have opposed the idea of a wild horse eco-sanctuary as a tool for managing the range. Objections were raised recently over federal dollars paying for the project’s scoping.

The Northeast Nevada Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuary is to be located about 25 miles south of Wells on more than 500,000 acres of public land and about…

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Happy Holidays and Thank You to all my fellow Warriors!

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Cross Post from Protect Mustangs

Valid and Tangible WIN brought about by Working Together

California-based Protect Mustangs has been working hard to stop the Twin Peaks roundup once we brought you the news of the Rush Fire last summer. We are grateful several wonderful advocates such as Craig Downer, Grandma Gregg, Jesica Johnston, Barbara Clarke, Carla Bowers, Monika Courtney, Jetara Sehart, Mar Wargo, R.T Fitch, Debbie Coffey and many others have joined the fight to protect the Twin Peaks wild horses on the range.

We oppose rounding up and removing native wild horses from the Twin Peaks HMA especially now that they can play a key role in restoring the land. It’s time the BLM use good science and cut down on invasive techniques that cause global warming. Wild horses and burros can heal and reseed the range after the wildfire so let…

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