Never the Same

As I sip my coffee in late August, I am aware of an element of sadness that creeps into my day. Everyday. I keep it at bay, and focus on what needs to be done today. I have the theory that if I live my days with kindness and compassion, somehow I will counter the effects of those who show none.
This sadness is born of events that have forever changed me. The loss of a child blossoming into womanhood, the folks I loved who have passed on before I was sure I really appreciated them and the like. And Caboodle Ranch.
I suppose it has been a long time since I was drawn into an injustice so deeply. Some said I was obsessed. It was a subject that my mind researched, but my heart never doubted was obscenely wrong. It took me back to the tender years when a cry of “not fair” meant someone would rectify the situation. My thoughts were dominated with finding a way to right this wrong thru Spring and then Summer.
The lack of response from those I reached out to that could help was crushing. The love and devotion of supporters of the ranch purely amazing! The behavior of those who thought things would “work out” and “Justice would be served” perhaps the most appalling of all…
Some things I have learned include the justice system without the scrutiny of the public is not so just. The misplaced confidence we put in an attorney (yes, David Collins you have taught me some lessons!). And that the small town mechanisms for those not in the click, can go horribly out of control.
Most of all I have learned that it is the responsibility of all of us to do our part or forever have the specter of injustice empowered against us all.
Thank you for all the days of love and security for the unwanted and unloved that you provided the kitties, Craig and Caboodle Ranch. Those days cannot be erased and will forever remain in the balance for the good. I love your hearts and your courage.
I know I will never be the same and with the sadness comes the gift of seeing what could be…:)


About angelfarmthunder

Angel Farm is an equal opportunity rescue. By this I mean we rehab and maintain critters of every sort! This is accomplished by drawing on many years of experience and the advice and aid of veterinarians, zoologists, and other lovers of life. This blog has been created to address the serious problems we face on a world wide level involving the abuse, exploitation, and wholesale slaughter of our fellow creatures. While I diligently attempt to represent factual information, issues are often cloudy and I welcome comments and corrections that benefit us all. Read, enjoy ,and share and remember...BE KIND TO ALL AND GENTLE WITH YOURSELF

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  1. 1) A man wanted to take care of cats.
    2) Someone else got jealous.
    3) Someone else got greedy.
    4) Owner abused, cats abused, everybody is now patting themselves on the back.
    5) What about the owner and WHAT ABOUT THE CATS!!!!

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