Are We Guilty?

“My doctrine is this, that if we see cruelty or wrong that we have the power to stop, and do nothing, we make ourselves sharers in the guilt.” — Anna Sewell

A big responsibility… but in our hearts we know the truth of it. The ache we feel when we do not or cannot stop abuse.

Find a friend or loved one and discuss the best way to approach the situation. Safety is always a consideration. Sometimes a note or phone call will alert you to the fact that someone needs help to care for their animal but did not know where to reach out. These are the best cases and a joy to assist and rectify. But what of those who seem to embrace the suffering of the creatures around them and will not let you help? These are the tough ones.

Many a night I have risked life and limb ( not to mention jail ) to bring food or water to creatures denied the basic comforts of life. Some I have released, knowing they had a chance to care for themselves or wander to my farm. Others I have called what passes for help in my neck of the woods and faced the bitter feelings of neighbors who do not understand cruelty is everyones business.

Courage and the belief that all creatures are equally deserving of a life without pain and fear or starvation will take you a long way down a shadowed road. But at the end, you will be home and met by the wags, licks, purrs, and whinnys you deserve!


About angelfarmthunder

Angel Farm is an equal opportunity rescue. By this I mean we rehab and maintain critters of every sort! This is accomplished by drawing on many years of experience and the advice and aid of veterinarians, zoologists, and other lovers of life. This blog has been created to address the serious problems we face on a world wide level involving the abuse, exploitation, and wholesale slaughter of our fellow creatures. While I diligently attempt to represent factual information, issues are often cloudy and I welcome comments and corrections that benefit us all. Read, enjoy ,and share and remember...BE KIND TO ALL AND GENTLE WITH YOURSELF

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