PA Voter ID Law Could Disenfranchise Over 750,000 Legal Voters

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Are Republicans Undermining the Civil Right for U.S. Citizens to Cast a Vote?

There you have it. The fraud of voter fraud could end up disenfranchising millions of people nationwide from being able to cast a vote in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election. In Pennsylvania over 750,000 legal voters could be prevented from casting a vote in the upcoming election because they don’t have proper “voter ID.” This is all in the name of “freedom”.

Pundits continue to demonstrate they have been infected with the “freedom talking point syndrome” where they are impelled to say “freedom” to justify any type of voter ID law or anything else because “freedom” is supposedly a magic talking point in Frank Luntz land.

According to ThinkProgress Alex Brown’s article, “Over 750,000 Pennsylvanians Could Be Disinfrancised by Voter ID Law,”:

“A comparison, carried out by state officials, of registered voters and PennDOT ID databases…

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